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Trying to Eat Healthier

I’m trying to make healthier, smarter choices. Just small ones here and there (as I sit here, nomming on some Pumpkin Pie KitKats ). Each morning, especially before work, I make sure I have myself a shake. I switched to non-lactose containing milks (Fairlife ultra-processed or almondmilk), and I’ve noticed a HUGE change in how my body is digesting! Yay for that win against IBS!
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Trying Something New

I did a little training about growing my Instagram story following. Organically. Not like buying them, or scamming, or anything. But little things you can do to change things up.

I’m excited to see how it works! I’ll be putting it to use starting tomorrow, though I did play around with it some tonight afterwards.

Today was a bit of a lazy day. Like I slept half the day because my body said sleep. Like, I was walking and getting dizzy, and had to sit. Sitting led to laying down, which led to sleeping. Stupid sinuses!

I’m “Being Bodacious”

CitizenJane, of Confessions of a Middle-Aged Suburban Diva came up with this awesome idea: Being Bodacious. Straight from her blog on what it’s all about:

We’re going to spend time once a week Being Bodacious.
I’ll throw out a topic for discussion and exposition – something that will be thoughtful and insightful, a little funny (c’mon – it’s goofy me helming this after all) and completely constructive, celebratory and creative.
There will be a spot to share the link to your blog/your thoughts so we all can go check out your online home and… be supportive. See. Pretty nifty, huh…
So… onto our Bodacious Topic for the week.

This week’s topic is finishing the phrase: "One thing I love about my body is…"

So now I have to come up with the response.

If I have to be totally honest, there are a lot of things I love about my body.

  • I love my breasts. I know it sounds weird, but before I got pregnant, I had none. After Madi, I was up to a whole whopping “A-cup”. After Ethan, I was at a C, until my body got used to my IUD, and now I’m holding steady a “B-cup”.
  • With my current self-esteem levels, I constantly hate on my body as a whole. It doesn’t help that I’m currently wearing a pair of Size 9 jeans, when Josh and I started dating, I was wearing a size 5. That’s because of my hips. But, because of those hips, I’m getting a SHAPE. I used to be this toothpick kind of figure. Now? I have actual curves. You see it with or without clothes. My husband absolutely loves my shape now.
  • Besides not having the greatest of skin, I love my face. I have a nice, plump lower lip, that makes me look like I’m always pouting. I also have a pretty small nose. I have to cross my eyes to see it, and hard enough to make my head hurt :). I also love my eyes. Yeah, they like to get the eye boogers, but I love and adore the color. One day they could be bright blue, and another, almost a cadet blue. Or they could even be a grey-ish color. Totally awesome

Okay, I think I’m in a really good mood now. Just thinking of things you like about yourself really can improve your mood!! Try it!! Tell everyone what you love about your body!