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Quick Post

It’s nearly midnight, so I have to write this really fast, :lol:.

I went to the gym. FINALLY. After a long, unplanned, break. Truck brakes (TWICE), husband out of town, etc, and I just didn’t go. I went today and I hit it HARD! I feel great!

Oh, and this was after working this morning 😉


That was after work 😉 I’m currently at 24863 :O

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4 May, 2016 · 11:50 pm

Living That Snapchat Life

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18 February, 2016 · 10:22 pm

I Went to a Concert

Yesterday, I went to a concert.

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21 October, 2015 · 11:39 pm

October 02, 2015 – NaBloPoMo & NaJoWriMo


Yesterday you wrote about ways you express yourself creatively. For today’s journal entry, write about you creative influences. Who and what makes you feel creative. Who and what do you draw creative inspiration from? You might consider writing your journal entry in the form of a letter to a creative person or type of creative expression (singer, painter, genre of music, sports player, science fiction, author, poet, etc) who you admire and draw inspiration from.

I have a few influences with my creativity. Sometimes it’s music. I have a weird soundtrack that fits my life on Spotify that really shows how eclectic my tastes are, as well as how varied my inspiration can be!

WEIRD playlist 😆

My family, the weirdos, are my inspiration.

Books I read. Life I see. Shows I love. All that stuff!


Friday, October 2, 2015
Who invented your most beloved family recipe? Tell us about the cook. Did you ever get to meet him or her?

I have NO IDEA. It’s something my Mammaw would make, and then I found it online, and I started making it. It’s so good and so yummy, and it reminds me of happy times growing up!

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2 October, 2015 · 11:00 pm

Creating Something New

I’m trying to build a playlist for working out. Something that makes me move, want to sing along (that makes sure I sing along).

Wanna hear something sad? Quite a few of the songs are from GLEE! 😆

I’d LOVE more suggestions! The list WILL change! 😀

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13 August, 2015 · 10:27 pm