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The Official End of a Decade

They say a decade is from 0-10, so, if that is true, Josh has officially finished 3 decades in his life.


Today my amazing husband turned 31. At like 12:24am, he officially turned. With strep. Poor guy, but he felt better today, so we went out and did things Open-mouthed smile


I had to do my hair first. I’m using the hair-tie thing I got from Birchbox. It worked well. Held almost all day. Open-mouthed smile

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I played some Wii Sports today (training sessions), and drunk (last night) I register as 29, and sober, I register at 32. Not bad, I don’t think. With some work, I think I can hit younger than myself.

I found out I do need to work out, :lol:. My pants that I could wear 3 weeks ago do not fit now, :lol:. Holidays are not kind to me. Nor is IBS, but that’s another complaint post, :lol:.

I made some nummy dinner, I think. Cut up some chicken breasts, cooked them in butter (yeah, oh so healthy, :lol:). I then added some broccoli and mushrooms, and let them cook thoroughly. I put them on top of some spaghetti noodles and topped with Parmesan, Romano, and Asiago cheeses. YUM! Josh had to add hot sauce, :lol:).

Having a good start to 2009 yet?

Quick, Easy, Cheap Meal – Mushroom Porkchops and Fried Potatoes

In my family, it’s always a good thing to find something that the kids will eat. My kids are extremely picky eaters, and lately aren’t wanting to eat anything. They like mushrooms and potatoes, so I thought I’d make something to suit that.

Mushroom Porkchops and Fried Potatoes

Needed food items:

  • Pork chops (enough for your family)
  • Can of cream of mushroom soup
  • 8 oz of mushrooms (fresh)
  • 6-8 potatoes (baking/russet)
  • seasonings of choice

Easy as pie directions:
Pork chops

  • Place pork chops into a baking dish (I used a glass one).
  • Cover with soup, spreading it around to fully coat
  • Top with sliced mushrooms (as many or as few as you want)
  • Add seasonings of choice (you can add them at any point, but I thought they tasted better on top)
  • Put into a preheated 375-400 degree oven for about 30 minutes (more or less, depending on thickness of the cut of the porkchops and if they’re bone-in or boneless


  • Pour some oil (or whatever you prefer to use to fry the potatoes) into a skillet. I used a 1-1/2″ side skillet to prevent major splashing of the hot oil
  • Toss in the potatoes
  • Add seasonings of choice
  • Use remainder of mushrooms
  • Fry. I set mine at med-high, with a lid, to prevent splattering, and to help it cook more evenly. Took about 20 minutes for all of my potatoes

Serve. Ours served 4 easily, with the ability for seconds. 🙂

Bloggn Dreamers

Week 3: Weird Facts About Me

Whats your name spelt backwards? Haras *giggles*
What did you do last night? Hung out with Jeremy, Kristen, Josh, Mark, and Julie (plus babies)
The last thing you downloaded onto your computer? Uh, update for Picture Project, I think 🙂
Last time you swam in a pool? Uh, a long while?
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