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So … Yeah … No

This is basically all I have done today.

The biggest issue is that my body is now confused about working for 2 days and then being off again. It got used to the 5 days in a row.

  • I didn’t drink water.
  • I slept in.
  • I took a nap. Hell, I took a couple.

I didn’t work out. I was fighting off a headache. Hence the naps. I slept like 12 or 13 hours. That’s insane, especially for me and my usual 6 hours and being good to go.

But I’m not worried about not working out. I at least got my Shakeology in. Right now, that’s my goal. Getting use to drinking a shake a day. I’m already noticing a change. My IBS isn’t so easily triggered. That’s most likely because I’m doing almond milk for my shakes. But, I’m not bloated. Like at all. My gut feels so good!

I’ve also found that I’ve lost a little weight. Less than a pound, but I’m not needing to lose a huge amount.

I’m also gaining back some of my muscle mass. That’s most likely why I’m not seeing a huge weight loss but I am seeing my clothes fitting better.

So, I was “lazy” today, but it was a true rest day that I didn’t even realize that I needed!


I’m Calling It a Sick Day

#squishy #jello I'd helping my stomach issues today #fingerscrossed #mcpphotoaday #photofy #photofyapp @photofyappI had a terrifying night last night. I honestly was scared I was going to have to go to the emergency room. My upper back and front area was on fire, and just SO PAINFUL. My shoulder is still really achy, and my abdomen is still not happy, but minus some major muscle pain in my left arm, all of the pain was on my right side, radiating from the muscles surrounding my ribs (I could feel the tightness) to the front of my chest, in my sternum.

I’m alive, and a few Tums helped me get some sleep. I literally face-planted into a doorframe yesterday (high bed plus klutzy Sarah means it’s not the first time, nor is it the last), so I wasn’t able to take the pain meds I’d usually take, and I think that reeked some havoc on my system as well.

I’m doing better, nearly 24 hours later, with just some gas, courtesy of another med I had to take. Josh picked me up some iron supplements, and I could FEEL those kicking in. They also have Vitamin C, so I’ll be getting some of that as well. I’m supposed to take a multivitamin, because my body sucks at absorbing nutrients like it should but I don’t. The iron supplements, at least, keep that part of my body functioning.

Eww … People


I’m not looking into massage therapy program online or anything, but hell, being able to massage the stress away from my husband without killing my arms would be nice. He wants cologne or something for Father’s Day, but I’m thinking I might get him a shiatsu chair thing. We’ll both get enjoyment out of it, but him most of all. I think he deserves it!

What are you getting the father in your life?