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Tax Monies

There are so many things we want to use our tax monies for.
1. Fix the truck and car. Money is already moved into savings for that. 🙂
2. New tower to replace the current one. One we want is for less than $600 for a 3-gig RAM, 500-gig hard drive, 22″ widescreen monitor. *sweets*
3. MP3 players for each of us. Not sure what we’ll be getting. Need one that plays iTunes stuff, since I have *lots* of iTunes music :).

What we won’t be spending it on? A franchise opportunity for one. Not really wanting to buy into anything right now. Market isn’t cut out for that.
No stocks and/or bonds. I don’t trust anything with banks and/or Wall Street right now.

What about you?

Coupon Time

With the holidays coming, it’s time to do a search for some coupons. I love and adore coupons, so finding free online coupons through Savings.com is just perfect.

As most know, I’m a huge fan of shopping at Walmart, so finding some coupons for there is awesome. I really want an iPod for Christmas, and there are some great coupons for that. Less than $60, including free shipping. Awesome, right?

Josh and I also plan on buying another HP tower, and there’s even HP coupons for that. :w00t: Maybe I should just settle for a new printer since we desperately need one with wifi, as I’m tired of having to sit on the floor to print from the laptop, or turn on the tower to use the flash drive.

What would you use coupons on if you could?

Oooh, a toy I want

Josh and I, at one point in time, were discussing MP3 players.

He wants me to “be happy” with the one I get, one that I won’t want to throw in the garbage just days after getting it, :lol:. He knows that I want one where I can surf or play or something besides just listen to music. He’s learned that with the laptop, and with my cellphone. So, he’s thinking iPod touch. Sadly, the cheapest one is a bit more than we can afford, especially since we need a camera more, 🙁
So, now we’re thinking iPod NaNo. He keeps going “are you sure you want an iPod?”, and after hearing the raves over the Apple Support, verses any other company. I know for damn sure I don’t want a Zune. The fact that I would “rent” the music. Oh hell no. I pay enough for music as it is (when I pay for it ;)). Anyways, I’ve looked at a few Sansa‘s, but I’m not sure I like them. Yes, I’m a little bit picky.

What type of MP3 players do you prefer?

Gift Ideas 02

Well, I missed yesterday’s gift, because I just couldn’t think, with worry. Today, though, different story. Josh is safe (he’s doing Sunday runs, but he’s almost done), and that’s all that matters.

Speaking of Josh, today’s gift idea is perfect for the guy who seems to have it all, but needs something to keep him entertained, but won’t get him in trouble, when he’s on the clock.

Josh is a mail carrier, and they’re allowed to have MP3 players, because, as you know, walking alone all day can get pretty boring. He’s got a version of an MP3 player on his cellphone, but I would like to get him something bigger.

That’s where the Zune comes in handy. He and I both want one, but I’d like him to have a large sized one (meaning memory, not actual size). That way it makes it a bit harder for him to get bored with the music, and leaves him plenty of room to fill it up with songs and CDs that he enjoys.

There are also plenty of accessories to go with it, so that he can be able to easily hook it up in the van while he’s delivering mail, into a vehicle, whether it be the truck (if they decide to just have it fixed), or the new vehicle (if they total it), or the Corolla. Easy as pie. Also, if we both end up with Zune’s, we can share music with each other, easily.

Gift Ideas 01

Sony 2GB MP3 Player – Pink

The gift for today? It’s for me, :lol:. Yeah, I know, spoiled, but hey, I don’t care.
I’m dying for an MP3 player, and I want it girly, something Josh will never attempt to use.
While it’s not the Zune I’m dying for, Sony is just as awesome, considering I also want a pink Sony Vaio. I can just keep everything all matchy-matchy, :lol:.
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