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I’d Recommend

I saw Spiderman Homecoming and it was perfect!

I’m not a huge super hero movie fan, but I do love the Spider-Man franchise!

Also, I got to spend time with a great friend!

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29 July, 2017 · 11:49 pm

30 Lists: Day 09 – 18

List 9 Keep Calm
09: Keep Calm and ____

  1. Take a nap
  2. Watch Once Upon a Time
  3. Deliver cookies
  4. Dream a dream
  5. Eat all the chocolates
  6. Snuggle with my love!

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18 March, 2014 · 8:24 pm

Oh Yum!

I'm developing a thing for dwarves.

I saw The Hobbit in theater. Not 3D. I couldn’t do the change in FPS, but I loved the movie. The dwarves sucked me in.

Thorin, Fili, and Kili.

Yum times 3. Like seriously.

Who’s with me?

Also, in unrelated news:

I figured out how to print from my phone to my printer. YAY!But my HD will not connect to the router. So, I need to either find a new external, or find another way of being able to use the current one.

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brave-wallpaper-meridaJosh, the kids, and I saw Brave yesterday. You know it’s going to be a good movie when one of the people come in and go “this is a sold-out show” and asks that there be no empty seats between people. That, and then you hear a lot of people murmuring how thankful they were that they got their tickets on Fandango, Laughing out loud. Yeah, we were one of those.

I got Madi the MP3 version of the soundtrack, and burned in onto a disk for her. Friday, I think? She’s listened to it non-stop since then. I think she’s Brave-brave-28745553-1600-1000enjoying it, just a little. She’s already chosen a few favorites. I don’t care what she chooses. I’m so glad that she’s enjoying it.

The movie is perfect for all ages. The whole theatre was laughing at parts. They collectively awwed at parts. It was a great family movie, and just an all around great movie. Did give me a feeling of Brother Bear a little, but I liked that movie. Josh loved the witch. I mean wood-carver Laughing out loud. Madi said I’m just like the mom, Laughing out loud

Today is migraine city. 93F, heat index of 106F. I don’t care if it’s not “hot” to some people, it’s freaking hot, and it’s muggy as hell. I’ll take 106F dry-heat because at least the sweat will EVAPORATE. Nope, with humidity, you’re swimming in your own sweat.

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Haiku Friday

Pictures taken with a Sony Cybershot DSCW120


Movies and book, obsessed
I love to read and watch this
Gone With the Wind, sigh
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