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It’s Gonna Be MAY!

So, I worked this morning. It wasn’t that bad, actually. I enjoyed my day. It was slower, like normal, and we just chilled. I had one single solitary late tray and that’s because of the timing of it and break. The guy wasn’t bothered by it, since the other two trays he’d ordered had been so fast. 😀

Tomorrow, I’m going to be the same thing, pretty much, and I’m cool with that. Tuesday, I’m back on evenings, still working the floors, though. Wednesday, I go in as soon as Ethan is on the bus. I’m off Thursday (and Saturday), and then I work the line on Friday. Sunday (yes, Mother’s Day), I’m pulling a double, but I’m the first to be able to go, I was told.

Now I need to work on a new currently card for May. I’m not sure what I want to do with it 😀


May … in Review


I decided to get more serious about getting in shape. Helped that I knew that I was going to be doing a job that required lots of walking 😉

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My Mother’s Day

First, Josh let me sleep in. Though I don’t really sleep, :lol:. I got a whopping 3 hours after being in bed for like 6. But that’s okay. I got beautiful cards, including this one:


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Mother’s Day


I got some pretty flowers for Mother’s Day. I love them.

We’ll ignore that I picked them out myself. I picked out the dinner for tonight (scallops, yum) and my “dessert” of Pretzel M&Ms. Even more so yum!


Hey Look! It’s Friday!

Picture is from when I got my glasses 2 years ago. I don’t even want to upgrade them even though I should like upgrade 😀
Kit: Got Glasses by Trixie Scraps
Template: Little Rad Trio

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