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Week 34


Week 34 layout is all finished and ready to share. I had fun with this layout!

Template: M&M
Project 2013 by Connie Prince
Mommy’s Helper by Pretty in Green
Social Butterfly by Trixie Scraps
Looking Back by Designs by Jill Scraps
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Week 08/52 [2012] – Snails, Beds, Phones, Oh My


Template: Jen Yurko Designs
Papers: Colors of My Life by Gingerscraps designers

  • P2012 by Connie Prince
  • Mommy’s Helper by Pretty in Green
  • This Is Why I Scrap by Sugar Pie Scraps
  • I’m a Good Helper by Pretty in Green
  • Elegant Word Arts by Bethany (Caution: Artist at Work WA)
  • Kathy Winters (OMG word art)
  • Made With Love by Kathy Winters

P365–Week 06 & 07


Template: Creations by Julie
Kit Pieces:

  • Colors of My Life by the GS Designers
  • Project 2012: February by Connie Prince
  • Hooray For the Home Team by Kathy Winters
  • Creations by Julie felt freebie
  • Free With $10 Purchase February Kit by Luv Ewe Designs
  • Work It Out by Ellie Lash
  • This Is Why I Scrap by Sugar Pie Scraps
  • How I Feel by Valerie Ostrom
  • Scouting is Fun by Connie Prince


Sunday: Football Sunday. Sodas. Pizzas. Wings. Poppers. Football.
Monday: I got some streaks “installed” in my hair. Hand-done by me. About time I did it. They were so much fun.
Tuesday: Work-out space. Super small. But that’s okay. I’m cool with it.
Wednesday: Tablet. I have to play with it. I have to learn it. Sadly, I need a new desk or something because I can’t really use it currently.
Thursday: Josh had a day off. We went and looked at trucks. Now he’s talking doing a car again. I’m all confused, but at least I looked good while looking.
Friday: Ethan got called out of school and I had to take him to the doctor. Poor little guy. He has an ear infection.
Saturday: Girl Scouts. Hannah Banana was adorable as always. Hannah T & her sister Kaylee made me cry by being super sweet to Madi who got a little upset when she wasn’t picked. Aww!

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The Days Add Up

So, for the past three days I’ve been battling a weather-related headache. We were in the 80s on Tuesday, and they’re talking snow on Saturday. Yeah, if you’re prone to weather-induced headaches, this is the time of year that will kill you!! Hell, I hate spring. See why my favorite season is FALL? Pollen counts are FALLING, and the weather changes still happen, but hell, easier to predict

So, I’ve been on and offline for the most part.

Update on the house: probably not getting that one.

  1. No A/C in the house. With Kansas hitting triple digits regularly in the summer, that’s a requirement.
  2. There were at least THREE different wiring styles in the house. So, we’d have to redo that.
  3. We’d have to buy a fridge immediately, and probably a stove.
  4. BIGGEST reason (for me): There was no wiring for the internet. Yeah, I, um, HAVE to have the internet. One thing? I do PayU2Blog and, yeah, that really requires the internet.
  5. Another biggie: two bathrooms and not one tub. There were only showers. Yeah, I need a bathtub sometimes

So, while I’m a little sad that the shopping hasn’t ended, I’m excited for the next step.

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It’s a Write-Off

I’ve been blogging for Ramona the Pest about my P365 travels. I’m also doing NaNoWriMo, so I haven’t been doing a huge amount of scrapping

Background papers: Pieces of Me by Down This Road Designs
Misc. Elements from Everyday Bliss mini kits by Down This Road Designs
Week 44 alpha: ET Highway by Ramona the Pest
Random WAs from Heartful of Thanks by Ramona the Pest

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