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Vlogmas 2015: Day 04

I played some Sims 4 😀 I like it 😀 There’s a bit of extra sound. That’s courtesy of the external fan that the laptop sits on, plus the keyboard itself that I have to use. I’m not worrying about upgrading anything just yet. At some point, I’ll be able to use a laptop with an external monitor and extra keyboard and things, but for now, my current set-up works just fine. I’m not trying to be a big YouTube gamer or anything.

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4 December, 2015 · 11:06 pm

A Cellphone Meme–Redo for S4

Subject: Mobile cell phone quiz
Your mission :Get your phone out…and if you already had your phone within arms length – you are tagged.

  1. What color is it?
    Black, but with a purplish-blue and pink Otterbox case on it. Continue reading

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