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Wonder if Mads Will Like This?


I did a little research into info on summer camps for teenagers. My father-in-law‘s girlfriend [I guess I call her that?]’s family has one in Minnesota, but I’m not sure how Madison would enjoy something like that. My mom has “threatened” to kidnap Madi for a few weeks, but honestly, I’m scared to see how she’d be when she came back, :lol:. Hello! I know ME!

I think, since she’ll only be ten this summer, that we have some time to wait and figure it out. We’ll see then, when she’s closer to actually being a teenager and all of that.

Find Me a Home ….

Ocean Isle Beach -- Shay West

Ocean Isle Beach — Shay West (Photo credit: Shay West)

I would love to look into some Ocean isle real estate. Tara keeps posting these pictures of the beach all over her blog, and damn it, it’s just not fair! I want to soak in the sun! I want to be blissfully unaware that it’s snowing in Minnesota and the Dakotas, and that it’s really freaking cold here in Kansas. REALLY freaking cold! It was 17 … SEVENTEEN!! … when Josh took the kids to the bus this morning. That’s it. I quit. I totally quit!