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Pretty New Layouts

I’m finally scrapbooking again. Ugh. I haven’t had much time on my hands! Then, when I do, things don’t want to work. My tablet (a Bamboo Fun CTE-450) didn’t want to play with the laptop. I have to test it on the tower again to see if it’s Windows 8 or if it’s the tablet itself. Either way, looks like I’m might have to invest in a new tablet. I like the idea but I don’t use it often enough to really warrant the cost. Dilemmas and decisions.

Another big problem is that the laptop isn’t getting a great signal from the router. I can connect to the network with no issues, but we’re seeing our internet speeds CUT IN HALF when connecting via the WiFi, but seeing 32Mb/s when we’re hardwired via LAN. NOT what I want to deal with. So, we’re going to have to upgrade to a new router. This is so not how I wanted this week to work out.
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Tons of Scrap Pages!

Me, with my baby 2nd cousin and my son.
Picture was taken by my cousin [baby’s mommy], on my camera, XD. I love this picture, even though I look like a goof. It was taken in Evansville, IN, during my month-long stay at my parents. I will never do that again without my husband.
Kit: Butterfly Moments from Scrappin Daisies @ Brownie Scraps
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