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Quick Update

Things are going okay here. Kids don’t have school for the rest of the school year. At least not in-school school. The district is working on the online aspect. This is good, because if they can figure this out now, they’ll be able to figure it out later when it comes to snow days. Then they won’t have to add extra days anymore. Maybe?

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Here’s Tuesday

April 29

I’m loving the shades of blue, almost moody in the colors, for today’s Currently list! 😀 Created using Rhonna’s Designs app for Android.

Getting Annoyed

Today is a BAD emotional day for me, apparently. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve had a major iron lag (or something) or what it was, but damn, I was ready to kill everyone today.

I’m also super exhausted. I haven’t been sleeping well *at all* lately either. 🙁

I’m just seriously over and over and over Spring and all the crap that goes with it: allergies, weather changes, and extreme fluctuations in the temperatures.

Can we just say “Sarah’s done” and be done?

Part of this has to do with the stress of the house buying. Thought I’d found the perfect house. Probably not getting that one.

  1. No A/C in the house. With Kansas hitting triple digits regularly in the summer, that’s a requirement.
  2. There were at least THREE different wiring styles in the house. So, we’d have to redo that.
  3. We’d have to buy a fridge immediately, and probably a stove.
  4. BIGGEST reason (for me): There was no wiring for the internet. Yeah, I, um, HAVE to have the internet. One thing? I do PayU2Blog and, yeah, that really requires the internet.
  5. Another biggie: two bathrooms and not one tub. There were only showers. Yeah, I need a bathtub sometimes

So, while I’m a little sad that the shopping hasn’t ended, I’m excited for the next step.

Broken on the Inside


Yesterday was just an awful day. It started out semi-okay. I got up. Yeah, I was a little bitchy, but that’s just NORMAL for me on a weekend, or any morning. I’m not a morning person.

As the day wore on, I started noticing little changes that signified a big baddy on it’s way: tingly fingers, discombobulated head, numb half of my body, tongue felt weird. CRAP! Sign of an aura migraine on the way! Shit!

We had plans of going to Holton to get both vehicles’ oil changed. The car (Josh’s main work vehicle) definitely needed one. It had been over FIVE THOUSAND miles since he’d gotten one, which wasn’t good. His check oil light had come on, and the car had been nearly BONE DRY. YIKES! NOT good!! Truck has gone like 500 miles, Laughing out loud but it had been since September/October? So over three months. But, if I’ve got the migraine, I can’t drive. So I stayed home with Madison. To make it up to her, she got her TV back 2 weeks early. Ethan went with Josh and apparently ran around like a chicken with his head cut off!

Now I’m trying to figure out what prompted the migraine. Thankfully, I nipped it in the bud EARLY before it could get too bad, but I think I need to find something else. My body does NOT like aspirin. It HAS to be the aspirin because every other pain med that DOESN’T have it doesn’t effect me like that (I feel light-headed, woozy, and all around DRUNK without having had a drop of alcohol). Ugh! But, it works, so I guess I’m stuck with it, since I refuse to use a prescription for it. I don’t get them enough to warrant one! The last time I had one? I think it was LAST spring. Surprised smile

So, before I ramble on too much longer, I’m going to shut up and go back to working on the things I was supposed to do yesterday but couldn’t because I couldn’t focus on anything!

BUT! One last thing before I officially shut up: ALL last week I saw UNDER 125lbs. That’s without me doing much more than limiting how much I take in. So, that is my official sign from my body that my REAL goal of 115-120lbs by the start of 2012 is actually attainable Surprised smile YAY!


Weekly Winners: January 30-Feb. 05, 2011

All shots taken with a Canon Rebel XS , Sony Cybershot DSCW120 , or the HTC Surround Windows Phone

Passed Out
Little dude really didn’t feel good at ALL this week Sad smile
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