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Day 02 completed … I’m SO SORE

This is me, post workout. Can you tell that I was trying not to cry? Shaun T does that to me!

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Something New …

Little did I know when I woke up this morning, that today would be an amazing day.

Okay, that’s a lie. I knew I was going to be getting something new today. I just didn’t realize the stats of what I was going to get would be so much better than what I had planned, all because I had a lot of rewards points to use!
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A New Badge!

I’ve had my FitBit for almost a year and a half and I’m so loving it.


2500 miles in 17 months!

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6 years ago …


The iPad was unveiled.
I’ll be honest. I’d rather have the Microsoft Surface. Told Josh if I had that, I wouldn’t need a new Kindle ????


Project 365: Weeks 13 & 14

085/365 [2014] - Face Made Up
Just a selfie! 😀
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