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I’m Not Lazy

I just really enjoy doing nothing.

I'm not lazy. I just really enjoy doing nothing.

Sometimes you really do find the perfect shirt in the men’s section at Walmart. I got lucky! The shirt totally suits me.

Oh, and the Men’s Small? Fits SO much better than Small or Medium in Women’s. Why? I don’t know. A lot of it is because I have weird shoulders. They’re wider. I’m short-waisted and it seems men’s shirts are cut different?

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That kind of luxe just ain’t for us

005/366 [2012] - What I Wore Today

(Sarah @ TM2TS)

I’m not really looking for wholesale clothing, but I do like a good bargain for clothes! The kids are outgrowing their clothes almost faster than we can keep them in them! Ethan’s fully out of size 8’s. Well, sort-of. He’s too tall for them, but they still have to be adjusted to fit him in the waist … and they’re slims! Skinny waist, long legs. Hmm, I wonder where he gets that?

Eventually, they’ll stop growing long enough for us to get them into decent fitting clothes, but for now, they’re either too big or too small. With Ethan, I’d prefer too big. With Madison, I’d almost prefer too small, at least in shirts. They’re a little tighter, but she’s not flashing skin when she bends over either. Ugh! Girls are IMPOSSIBLE to raise, I Say!

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So Not Fair

Men don’t have to worry about looking at anti aging products. No, they “get better with age”. So not fair to women at all. Men always have it easy. They don’t have to deal with cramps and PMS. They just get the beatings when they piss us off when we’re jumping onto our menstrual cycle (sorry, I had to quote Walter on that). They don’t have to deal with all the pregnancy-related stuff. Then again, they also don’t get to feel the child moving inside them, which is one hell of an amazing experience.

Okay, so maybe guys don’t have it that easy. I’m still gonna hate on them for a bit. I love my dudes, but they’re annoying at times. Maybe if they put the seat down on the toilet, and stop peeing all over said seat, maybe we females would be a little nicer to them 😉

This post is all in fun. No men were injured in the making of this post. Please do not bitch at me that you didn’t like the post, because honestly? I could care less on what you think!

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What to Get Men?

Josh and I discussed, well, okay, I discussed the best groomsmen gifts to get the guys, when we officially tie the knot.

He wants the basic boring flasks, or something like that. Personally, I think we should get them something that speaks on who they are, and their friendship (or family, as with Jesse ;)).

What do you think? Does it really matter?

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Meant to be funny!!

How to Keep Your Man Healthy

1. plenty of men’s vitamins
2. plenty of sex
3. more vitamins
4. more sex
5. maybe some food
6. sex again

Oh wait! That’s how to keep your man HAPPY!

Well, it made ME laugh!!

Honestly, I’ve heard that sex does keep men healthier. Which is weird, since Josh doesn’t get it regularly (birth control can suck an egg … but if we didn’t have it, I’d be constantly preggo, :lol:).

Oh, wait, TMI!


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