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WITL: Wednesday


So I’m posting this a lot later than I’d planned but I had a busy day today. I’ll explain it all tomorrow, but let me just say … it was busy!

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Laundry is a Pain

I’m a huge fan of taking photos of the every day. Things you see all the time but never really think about.

The washer filling up with water is a big favorite of mine.


I hate doing laundry, but sometimes, to make it less of a dread, I’ll pull out my dSLR and take some pictures of the water filling up the tub. It’s a relaxing sort of feeling.

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A Week in My Life: Wednesday

Oh Wednesday. How weird you felt, all day. My husband was off. The first day off of many. He’s off until Monday. Then he works Monday, and then is off until Saturday. We like having him home, but wow, he throws off the schedule 😛

But, wow. Today I took a CRAPTON of pictures. My memory card was in and out of my camera all day. I don’t think I’ve used my “big” camera this much (Canon EOS Rebel XS). Good thing I ordered two memory cards for it (coming soon! Shipped today!!)

The weather #FMSPhotoADayOct #FMSPhotoADay #indiansummer

Photo a day challenge was about the weather. This is my weather. For the next few days. Ugh. If you hear that Topeka (or Kansas) was blown off the map, this was why LOL!

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T13 – 60th Edition

:w00t: I HIT SIXTY!!

Things to Pack for a Trip

  1. Clothes.
  2. Shampoo/Conditioner
  3. Toothbrush and toothpaste
  4. Barf bowl/bag (since we have pukers)
  5. Sunscreen because sun in cars can still burn 😉
  6. Napkins and wipes for messes
  7. Cooler of snacks and drinks
  8. A lunch so you don’t have to buy at McDonald’s
  9. Extra cash for tolls and emergencies (my parents carry ONLY cash on trips)
  10. Empty bag or two in case someone pukes
  11. Forms of entertainment, like toys and books
  12. Pillows and blankets for naps (my kids sleep like half the trip, :lol:)
  13. Camera, charged battery (or extra if yours doesn’t do that type of battery), and memory card. If you don’t have a laptop for storing pictures, extra memory cards!

So what do YOU need for a trip?

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Always Forget Something

We went to Walmart yesterday. Spent $185. We still forgot stuff for the trip. One thing we didn’t forget is weight loss pills. Yeah, I’ve decided against those. Just personal reasons.

What did we forget?
– Dramamine for the kids
– A package of little water bottles for the kids (easier for them to hold on the trip)
– Travel bottles of shampoo, etc, or at least little bottles we can refill
– Overnights for Ethan, but we decided to get those in Indiana
– An extra battery and memory card for my camera. Oh, wait, that was the Wish List, 😆

Do you tend to forget what you need to remember? Even with a list?