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Week 41 + Another

Kit: Favorite Fast Food by Whimpychompers
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Catching a Moment


I had the worst dream the night before last.

I dreamt that Josh was cheating on me, with a coworker.

No, it isn’t even a fear of mine.

Nothing with him has changed, and his paychecks confirm all the hours that he works.

Plus, he will show me his phone, any time I ask. I know his passwords (he sort of knows mine, as well).

I don’t know why I had the dream. But it left me feeling very clingy and emotional yesterday.

Thankfully, he understood, and let me cuddle whenever I wanted.

I’m glad it happened the night before his day off.

Laundry is a Pain

I’m a huge fan of taking photos of the every day. Things you see all the time but never really think about.

The washer filling up with water is a big favorite of mine.


I hate doing laundry, but sometimes, to make it less of a dread, I’ll pull out my dSLR and take some pictures of the water filling up the tub. It’s a relaxing sort of feeling.

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Project Life, Family, and a Love of Templates!

I have an obsession with templates. I guess it’s a good thing, considering I got picked up to CT for LissyKay Designs! I’m loving working with her designs! They’re SO creative! They’re SO unique!

Kit: Ready For Spring by Connie Prince
Template: Brag A Little Vol 4 by Connie Prince

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