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A Week in MY Life 2012: Monday

I found out about this from Meg, of Ocean Wide Designs, and I thought, hmmm, I can do this! I can take a picture, a few, all day, of how my day is going, for a week. I mean, shoot, I do it daily anyway, with Photo a Day and my Project 365. So, I’m just going to be taking more pictures.

Then half the day went by and I went “Um, have I even taken one picture?” I had, but not that many!

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She’s ALIVE!!

Picture post is gonna be tomorrow. I’m totally and completely wiped, but MAN! It was fun!!

First off, Ethan puked outside of Kansas City, KS and outside of Columbia, MO. Fun cleaning that up. After that, trip went fine 🙂
We arrived to some drama, but that’s in the other blog, the friends only LJ 🙂

Friday, more drama. Daniel nearly got into a fight. He restrained himself, and he finally got to meet his nephew. Madi pretty much attached herself from the get-go, XD. They were together most of the week, :lol:. It was too sweet and precious. He actually called earlier and said that the hardest thing he ever did was put her in her car seat so that we could leave. He even choked up. 🙁 Hopefully Madi’ll be enough to keep his butthole-ish self straight 🙂

Saturday was Holiday World. All of us burned, XD. Josh, Madi, Ethan, and I are all peeling now. Me, I’m on my second peeling, *snort* I peeled last night, took a shower, and am peeling more O.o Yeah, lovely 2nd degree burn there, XD. And yeah, I used sunscreen 🙁

Sunday … Hmm, that was Mammaw and Pappaw visiting, I believe. That, and Megan had a major colon attack, with severe cramps and her stupid SOB manager wouldn’t let her off. O.o Meg was in pain for 5 hours, and it took Mom and I showing up (Mom nearly having to restrain me from going off and killing someone because I saw the pain in Meg’s eyes), before Meg could get off, and that was only because it was the end of her shift.

–getting dizzy from sleepiness, XD–

Monday … oh shit, what did we do Monday? SHOPPING!! Mom and I (and Megs and Li’l Man) did shopping! Then, Josh and I went to Olive Garden for dinner (yummy daquiri), and hopped to Kerasotes Stadium 16 for Pirates. God, if you haven’t seen it yet, SEE IT!! Oh, and stay for the credits!!!

Tuesday, we went to Nana’s. I’ve got a lovely little quilt that’s all mine, and promises of ones for Madi and Ethan. –picks skin off neck– *dances*

Wednesday was Madi’s big 4th birthday. Josh and I took her (and Ethan) to the Mesker Park Zoo. Man, they had a blast. Mommy and Daddy were worn out, because, ha ha, the damn zoo is all hills, XD. Only bad thing (besides the hills), no elephants. Madi was bummed about the elephants, but was excited to see the giraffe. One tried to sniff her, and it made her giggle so much. Then she got cake and presents. We got her some Little People stuff (to go with her barn), an outfit, and The Best Friends Edition of The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. *giggles* Yeah, we also picked up An American Tale, An American Tale: Fievel Goes West, and Balto, *XD* Oh, and Bon Jovi’s new CD for moi! 🙂

Today, we drove home. Madi puked outside of Columbia (opposite side), but didn’t require any cleaning. Ethan? He slept 90% of the time. The other times he was whining for his Surf’s Up toy from McDonald’s. He kept losing pieces of it, XD. We got home about 5:30pm. It was nice and quiet. 🙂 We had to unpack the car ourselves, even though Mark was home. Lazy SOB *runs and hides from Mark*

Anyways, it’s time for me to sleep. I’m EXHAUSTED!! Tomorrow is unpacking, getting the truck, and trying to relax. Good news is that at 8:30am Monday morning, Josh is officially part of the post office. Hell yes!! Oh, yeah, and I’m to start looking at what I want in a laptop, what I need, and find something in between, XD. Josh has agreed to a laptop *dances* Oh, and if Amtrak runs between here and E’ville, since I’m definitely going in October for another week 🙂