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An Update on Me

Well, I haven’t blogged in awhile. No real reason. Just haven’t.

This past week has been INSANEly busy!

Monday: I worked a morning shift. That’s not that big of a deal. It was followed by a Boy Scout EARLY function, but it’s okay. Josh was off this week.


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One of Those Days

I did do a driving vlog. I’m loving doing these. It helps me get my mind ready to go home. 😀

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A Day of Teeth


No one else takes a selfie while at the dentist? Both times I took them, I got “caught” and they thought it was funny, but not unexpected. 😀

I had to get two cavities filled. The original plan was a single one, with maybe the one in the front (I had a filling fall out), but nope. That back one needed a root canal. Because of the constant pain, I got moved in as an emergency patient.

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Dinner Plans

The kids are excited for dinner tonight. Hot dogs cooked on the electric grill (aka my Foreman), mac and cheese, and maybe some bacon tossed into it all. We’ll see. They LOVE when I do hot dogs on the grill. I wish I could use an actual grill but limited space and all that prevents that. Oh well!

Speaking of kids, Ethan is doing AWESOME today. He was up, chipper and happy. No complaints in the night about his ear hurting. Tylenol (well, Equate version) and Amoxicillin are working miracles, I think!


I’m alive. 😆

Not much else to say. Almost lost my phone. Mom broke her ankle. Found out my nephew has a hole in his ear (internal). Also found out Dramamine and I do not mix, 😆 Um, I spent from 1-2 asleep, 2:30-3:30, and 4-5, 😆 Damn! Oh, and extremities also kept falling asleep!

So I failed BAD at Blog365 while I was on vacay, but I sure didn’t with P365, *w00t*. I’m okay with that then 😛

I’m glad to be home, but man, I miss my family already! My sister and I even got along great! I was teasing the crap out of her, and she was doing her eye-rolling, huffy-puffy, but there was a smile as well. 🙂

Josh made Mammaw, literally, pee her pants, 😆 I ended up with a hair (it happens) and Josh goes “at least it’s not a booger” and had all of us rolling. He was cracking those out all week. He and Dad were ripping them off each other, which really makes me feel good!