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A Day of Teeth


No one else takes a selfie while at the dentist? Both times I took them, I got “caught” and they thought it was funny, but not unexpected. πŸ˜€

I had to get two cavities filled. The original plan was a single one, with maybe the one in the front (I had a filling fall out), but nope. That back one needed a root canal. Because of the constant pain, I got moved in as an emergency patient.

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Throwback Thursday

Today’s Throwback Thursday is a little more special than “usual” for me. Eleven years ago, right around this time, Josh and I were heading to the hospital to have a suspicious sharp pain in my back investigated. Turns out, I was in labor, and the pains were related to my blood pressure skyrocketing, putting some stress on my kidneys. Yay! 19 hours after that, I had a gorgeous baby girl to hold in my arms!

So, today’s Throwback Thursday will be centered on the day before her birthdays! I only have 2007, and then 2009-2013, but that’s okay!

family 017
At my parents’ house in Indiana. Concrete horses. She was a whole whopping 4 years old then! Ethan was TWO!

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Weather Changes

Got a #migraine for #ValentinesDay
(Photo credit: Sarah @ TM2TS)

Again, a weather change happens and I’m caught off-guard. I wasn’t expecting the pain, the inability to sleep, any of it.

I don’t know why! I should be used to it. I knew it was happening.

I was still writhing on the couch in pain, trying not to vomit, waiting for meds to kick in.

Meds that cause insane heartburn and more nausea but I can’t not take it! Migraines fucking suck, especially when you’re adding the insane neck and shoulder pain that comes with it. I clench, and that makes it worse. Of course, I clench more and the cycle continues!