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How Is It Almost June?


Yeah, I’m going back to a bullet journal Surprised smile Yeah, I don’t know. I need more flexibility and sometimes I need some dailies, without having to add more to the current planner. I love how this cover page came out, as well. I used a kit from Aimee Harrison Designs.

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Getting Some Sleep

Lately, I’ve been rotating between Benadryl, Unisom, and Tylenol PM to get some sleep. Benadryl for bad allergy nights, Unisom for pain-free but can’t sleep nights, and Tylenol PM for those nights when my head or jaw is aching. I’m honestly looking into a natural sleep aid, just because all those chemicals cannot be good going into my body! I’m still not sleeping, even with those meds. It really freaking SUCKS so hard sometimes dealing with insomnia. I can survive and function and all that on little to no sleep but after awhile, it starts to affect my mood (and I’m probably using the wrong effect/affect word). Ugh! I just want to sleep, and sleep all night. I’m tired of waking up in the middle of the night for absolutely no reason.

Dinner Plans

The kids are excited for dinner tonight. Hot dogs cooked on the electric grill (aka my Foreman), mac and cheese, and maybe some bacon tossed into it all. We’ll see. They LOVE when I do hot dogs on the grill. I wish I could use an actual grill but limited space and all that prevents that. Oh well!

Speaking of kids, Ethan is doing AWESOME today. He was up, chipper and happy. No complaints in the night about his ear hurting. Tylenol (well, Equate version) and Amoxicillin are working miracles, I think!

Sick Day Policy For Moms

I don’t remember my mother EVER having a cold, although I’m sure she did. I have some friends who insist that their husband stay home from work until they are well and then I have others who plow through like they aren’t sick at all. I’ve never really been clear on this issue. Unlike other jobs there is no “sick-day policy” for motherhood. I’m going to propose one so as to clear this issue up for families every where.
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