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Throwback Thursday

Today’s Throwback Thursday is a little more special than “usual” for me. Eleven years ago, right around this time, Josh and I were heading to the hospital to have a suspicious sharp pain in my back investigated. Turns out, I was in labor, and the pains were related to my blood pressure skyrocketing, putting some stress on my kidneys. Yay! 19 hours after that, I had a gorgeous baby girl to hold in my arms!

So, today’s Throwback Thursday will be centered on the day before her birthdays! I only have 2007, and then 2009-2013, but that’s okay!

family 017
At my parents’ house in Indiana. Concrete horses. She was a whole whopping 4 years old then! Ethan was TWO!

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That’s what I feel like my face is going to do. If someone plays zildjian cymbals a little too close to my face, it just might do that.

I spent all of Monday sitting in bed, minus a grand total of fifteen minutes out of it. My jaw is KILLING me. Sadly, there’s not much I can do about it. The fix? Oral surgery. The cost? Astronomical. My wisdom teeth roots are hitting the nerves in my ears. So, I have random clogged ears, or throbbing ears. Draining. All that nastiness. Sounds like SO much fun, right? Eye rolling smile

So, I spent yesterday attempting to self-medicate. I actually was fine if I was laying down. I didn’t really have any issues. If I turned my head, I was in pain again.

Today, the pain is a dull-ache. It’s almost like how you’d feel if you had arthritis in your jaw, and that dull throb that tells you rain is coming. Or something.