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That’s a Planner Right There

Ready for next week! Doing the tracking! Set up a meal plan. Ready to take notes about the day!

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30 Days of Lists {Sept 03}

S14 List Header 3

  1. I’d sleep a little longer.
  2. I’d read a little more.
  3. I’d actually attempt to eat breakfast.
  4. Did I mention sleeping?

Getting Healthier Lunch Options


So, the kids start back at school in 3 weeks, just over that. It’s weird thinking about how soon it’s happening, but I’m also excited. Madison is thrilled.

Ethan’s only a little excited because of the fact that I’m wanting to do more than just sandwiches for them! Today, I picked up the pieces for that. A bento box for them, that fits PERFECTLY in their new lunchboxes. Then a meal kit one that comes with a spoon/fork combo utensil. Some really freaking cool stuff!

I’m on the hunt now for awesome things I can make for them. Things that won’t go bad when they’re sitting out in the open, waiting for lunch to start.

The prices for these were pretty good. I spent $40 for both kids, for 4 sets of lunch-ware! And I will say, if you want a decent priced lunch container, but with designs kids would want, and will hold either of the above lunch kits? Try Target! We got the kids’ for $12.99. They’re Embark hydration lunch kits. I would link the particular ones that we got the kids, but they’re not available online. They’re worth a look at, though!



I’m tired of dealing with the issues of food that I’ve been having. I’m constantly craving the sweets.

Oh well. Here’s a video from yesterday’s storms:

The video is out of order, but I like how it turned out. That reminds me!! JUNE WILL HAVE DAILY VIDEOS! From June 01 through June 30, there will be a video, unless my parents’ internet sucks horribly. 😉 On June 03, I’ll be heading to Indiana, via the road (driving), and I’m excited. I’m not 100% sure when we’ll be back but Josh’s vacation time ends the 16th (technically the 15th, but the 16th is a Sunday ;)).