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Video Editing

Today I played around with video editing. One video I actually edited, and it still sucks. The other, basically straight from the camera to the internet. Actually that is exactly how that video was made 😉 See if you can figure out which one (I even give the answer in the non-edited video 😀

I got a package from One Orange Snowflake on Etsy. I don’t do a lot of video openings, but I couldn’t resist with this one! I got just a few things!

  • Christmas Character Stickers!
  • Christmas Bucket List Stickers
  • The Space Wars Stickers!
  • One Orange Snowflake Winter Mystery Box

I would definitely suggest these to anyone who likes stickers and / or is a planner! Fast shipping (considering they have to print and then cut), and wonderful quality! I cannot wait to use them in my planner! Who knows! Maybe I’ll do a video about that! Probably not though. I live a very boring life 😉

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WITL: Thursday


Thursday was crazy! I didn’t expect to do SO MUCH in such little time, but I did! :O There aren’t a lot of pictures, but that’s why! I was too BUSY to take pictures! :O

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July in Review

July 01: Kids had swim lessons and I walked a heart 😆

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Flex’d It Pink

And many other colors!


I started my “fun run” looking proud of myself! I made a commitment to do it today, and I was going to follow through. I was going to ignore my pain from my three fillings (unhappy pulp on my bottom right side).

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My Style

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What is your favourite angle for being photographed? Head-on? Slightly above, below, to the side? I’ll be SUPER honest. I don’t HAVE an angle. I’ll let myself be photographed from any angle, no matter how unflattering! I have no issues … Continue reading