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Yesterday …

Yesterday, she turned 14. It’s not a big exciting birthday like 13 or 16, but here in Kansas, it is a little more exciting than most. Now she can get her permit and she’ll be allowed to drive to work and school :O CRAZY right?

Josh and I are both on vacation. It was nice until today. We won’t discuss today. Let’s just say that stress and us means it gets loud in this apartment. Five minutes later, it’s full of laughter. Maybe we’re all a little bipolar (I say that as a bipolar person).
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21 June, 2017 · 7:08 pm

Week in the Life: Friday & Saturday

Adventuroo WIML fri 13 Friday was stressful, just because I had another sinus headache. It’s that time of year. I’m used to them. Untitled Fridays, I wake up and send the newsletter. I was up earlier than I was before, but it still felt like I could sleep for days! Continue reading

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27 October, 2013 · 6:27 pm

Getting Healthier Lunch Options


So, the kids start back at school in 3 weeks, just over that. It’s weird thinking about how soon it’s happening, but I’m also excited. Madison is thrilled.

Ethan’s only a little excited because of the fact that I’m wanting to do more than just sandwiches for them! Today, I picked up the pieces for that. A bento box for them, that fits PERFECTLY in their new lunchboxes. Then a meal kit one that comes with a spoon/fork combo utensil. Some really freaking cool stuff!

I’m on the hunt now for awesome things I can make for them. Things that won’t go bad when they’re sitting out in the open, waiting for lunch to start.

The prices for these were pretty good. I spent $40 for both kids, for 4 sets of lunch-ware! And I will say, if you want a decent priced lunch container, but with designs kids would want, and will hold either of the above lunch kits? Try Target! We got the kids’ for $12.99. They’re Embark hydration lunch kits. I would link the particular ones that we got the kids, but they’re not available online. They’re worth a look at, though!

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A Week in My Life: Tuesday

Tuesday was … well, Tuesday. It doesn’t feel like today is Wednesday, so Tuesday obviously didn’t feel like Tuesday. I hate when days feel like that.


As usual, I struggled to wake up. I have to take a sleep aid at night to FALL asleep. Once I’m asleep, I’m usually a hard sleeper, but damn, that recovery after is killer. Add to it that we have to run the A/C just to be comfortable at night, and we’re just ASKING to be miserable. At least me.

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Smile, You’re Happy

I found an easy way to make my kids happy: I bought them happy meals this afternoon for lunch. I had to get gas in the truck. I haven’t gotten it since June 10, so I’m not going to even consider complaining that I spent less than $40 in gas on an 01 Trailblazer, which is an SUV. Nope, that’s not bad at all. I’m only getting about 16mpg, but I’m doing mostly city driving now. The car is our “long haul” trip vehicle, unless we have to TAKE something, and then it’s the Trailblazer.

So, going to McDonald’s, I saved us some money. If I had gone to Walmart, I wouldn’t have just gotten lunch. No I would have ended up with a bunch of other junk, crap that we don’t need. So, for less than $15, we all three got a lunch that made us full.

And I got to make my children smile with a minimum of fuss. So, priceless!

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