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This Coming Week


This week I’m keeping the goals small and achievable.

  • 4 days of the gym, and one can be cancelled.
  • I have one book review I need to write, so I need to re-read the book and take some notes. I went through it SO FAST the first time,
  • I’m just going to ENJOY the week. I’m pretty much not going to have to work floors (jinxing myself now, ), so it should be nice.

Wish me luck I get shit done!!

Bills and More Bills

When it comes to bills, one thing we’re not looking at is cheap auto insurance quotes. I’m not risking losing the current great customer service that I get with State Farm. I’m also not going to be changing my mobile provider. For one thing, I’m only 6 months into a two-year contract. Yeah, Josh is out of contract, but I’m nowhere near it. Plus, with most of our family on AT&T, we basically talk to everyone for free. I like that!

But talking about cellphones reminds me that I’m already looking into my next cell, . I’ve got my eye on two different phones, but with a chance of two others. The two I’m thinking of is the Blackberry Bold, the Motorola Backflip. The two chance ones the Samsung Jack and the un-yet released, but hinted at Android by Samsung. They have one through Sprint, and a rep for Samsung told me, via Twitter, that they are in development for one for AT&T Praying

So, for now, I’m really leaning towards the Android, but I had such bad luck with Motorola before.