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November … Here We Come

I really don’t know what I’m doing lately. I feel like I’m sort of disconnected … might just be the fact that I’m not working right now, and I’ve gotten so used to it.
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26 October, 2016 · 10:38 pm

Wednesday is Planner Day

Apparently, but here’s how my week has been going :


The past couple of days. Wednesday is completely full!

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12 October, 2016 · 8:50 pm

Is There a Such Thing as Planner Peace?

There’s no such thing as Planner Peace! I don’t even think it exists.

I have, currently, 5 planners I can use!

  • Inkwell Press Flex (horizontal)
  • Happy Planner
  • Happy Planner fitness version
  • Day Designer (flagship)
  • L1917 bullet journal (in hot pink!)

I’m planning on using ALL of them … starting tomorrow. Okay, maybe not the Day Designer. I honestly do not need that one. I love it, but it just didn’t work for me, at all!

How am I hoping to find Planner Peace? Follow along with me on my journey and we’ll find out!
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25 September, 2016 · 9:44 am