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Better Post Tomorrow 

Life got interesting! 


Great Birthday

I had a great birthday!

Okay, quick blog post over. Back to work. Spent nearly 2 hours on my phone with my folks so I am very behind 😀

So Many Notebooks


I ordered 4 dot-grid notebooks from Plum Paper. Instead, I got 4 lined. I contacted them and then sent me the replacements.

I was supposed to get a shipping label to return them, but I didn’t, and they said that means I can keep them.

So I have 4 lined notebooks and 4 dot-grid notebooks.

I’m so in love right now!


Strawberry Moon … and someone turns 13!


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Starting June

I’m tired of not being happy with me.

Starting in June, I’m going “ham” and taking care of me!


And sorry I missed yesterday’s blog post. I was BUSY 😆 I saw Neighbors 2 though, and it was pretty good. Hilarious 😀