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One Item Ticked Off the List

I have a list of things I need to do this week while I’m off. Each day, I’ll choose a different task.

Today was my bathroom. I know, this pic, it doesn’t look like much was done, but I went through EVERYTHING! Four trash bags were filled!

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You Smell Nice


New smells. They’re lovely.

Dry Skin

Instead of looking for the best eye cream for wrinkles, I’m looking for the best moisturizer to use for that same area. My eyes are getting really dry lately. Not the eyeballs, but the actual skin around my eyes, like the under-eye area, and the lids. Ouch! Not comfortable for someone who blinks a lot, :lol:.

Otherwise, the SkinID stuff is working great. Still not on top of doing it every day. I’ll remember to wash, but I’ll forget the lotion. OOOPS!! That could be why my skin is getting so dry!