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Day 03: 100 Days of Digi

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6 April, 2017 · 11:17 pm

Wordless Wednesday



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12 August, 2015 · 11:06 pm

No, No, No

Fine!! First, I gotta say that I never want to see another set of scales again, but I will admit my weight: I weigh 135 right now. I’ve gained about 8 pounds since I stopped working out at the beginning of the year. *gag* That’s so freaking pathetic. Well, as I said, that I’m no longer making excuses, it still sucks to have to admit how much I’ve gained. The worst part? I haven’t changed my eating habits. I barely eat as it is. Ugh! It sucks so freaking hard!!

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Happy With Me

I’m once again happy with myself. While I still feel “fat” at 120 lbs (at around 125-127 right now), I’ve stopped considering the use of ephedra or something similar to help me lose weight. Losing weight would cause of loss of bewbs and buttages and I like my current ones.

That and now I have actual curves. I have a little padding for some of my husband’s hardnesses (and I don’t mean *THAT*), :lol:.

I’m pretty sure I’ll have moments when I hate my body, but for now, I’m satisfied.


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