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New Themes – Needing Advice

I’ve installed a few new themes. Stupid to do, since I’m gonna have to edit every single one, most likely, to make them compatible for 2.3 in a week, but oh well. I like them 🙂 They’re all from Tuts ‘n Lines, done by Lorisha last year 🙂 I’m completely in love with them.

For now, I’m waiting to hear from Josh. He still hasn’t called to say if he’s off or not yet. 🙁 I’m starting to get a little worried. He’s on the schedule for next week, yes, but I’m worrying that they decided to be asses and do something that’ll make him jeopardize his job. *grumble* It’s nucking futs, I tell you. –just called. They gave him an extra piece, and he got lost, XD. Tomorrow (and all week, as far as I know), he’s gotta be in at 7:45am. That means he has to leave by 6:30 to get there with time to get ready to go out on the road (potty breaks, and such). Poor guy. And, he’s working Sunday, and his only day off is Tuesday. Poor mite!

Mark and Julie are coming over for dinner tonight. I’m making Italian Herb Chicken. Apartment smells YUMMY because of it, XD.

Oh, and so that y’all are in the know, if you want to be, I updated Sarah ‘n Josh with some stuff. 🙂 I plan on putting up a new theme for it, as well. I just can’t decide which of these two:

Which do you think would work better, in your honest opinion? Thanks, in advance!!


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