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Buy Me a Drink

I’m a huge fan of mixed drinks, like margaritas and the like. For those, you need a blender that can handle anything. I don’t have a lot of space for a blender, so I need one that’s versatile.

My current blender came with a lidded cup that can be used for milkshakes. In fact, the cup hooks to the blender’s base. It’s awesome, IMO, because I love milkshakes, and one less tool to clean is awesome for me.

Since I do have two little ones, finding cool and fun drinks and foods for them to eat are key. They’re extremely picky eaters. We’ve found that they enjoy smoothies, so another awesome use for a blender.

I’m telling you, a blender is a lifesaver. Now, to find a place for a new one, :lol:.

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