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Life is what you make it

I wrote a tweet on twhirl about feeling like ass, courtesy of that time of the month. Someone responds and says that they feel like that every day. Honestly, that pissed me off, and I’m not planning on responding through Twitter on it. Instead, I’m doing a blog post, XD.

Currently, on Aaron Jeoffrey - 90's Ultimate Collection - After the Rain, I’ve got Aaron Jeoffrey’s After the Rain playing, and it reminds me of a few things.

:alert: No matter how bad things look, it will always turn around.
:alert: No matter what you believer or think, there’s always someone there to help you weather the storms.

Now, I’ve got a new song that popped up on Tim McGraw - Tim McGraw: Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 - I Got Friends That Do: I Got Friends That Do, by Tim McGraw. Another poignant song that speaks heavily to me. It really makes you think about how your life could be so different had you made a different choice in life.

So, one day you feel like ass? Remember that tomorrow could and most likely will be better. It’s all in how you look at your life. Do not try and make your life worse than someone else’s, because pain and suffering is different for everyone.