Okay, I’m making a commitment!

Starting April 03, I’m going to take one picture a day using my Canon T6! That’ll get me used to using it, right?

It doesn’t have to be just a single picture.

It doesn’t have to be good. Let’s be honest. It won’t be the week of the 17th, as I’ll be on pain killers for an oral surgery.

If you’re joining in, let me know.

First Day Back


First day back after a week off, and everything went well. I got everything done that I was supposed to, WOO HOO! And I wasn’t 3 hours behind. In fact, I was able to chit-chat with a coworker and still got all the things done!

And I have the 27th for my wisdom teeth removal consultation off! Woo hoo!

Oh, and news that we do have a new person hired! AND!! I don’t have to train this person!

Also, I really like the shape of these glasses. I wonder if I could pull them off in real life?