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Healthy First Steps

Next Wednesday, I’m going to be put to the test.
I have a wellness screening at 10a. I can’t eat or drink (minus water or black coffee GAG) for 10-12 hours.
I’m gonna be a shaky mess BUT I’m gonna pack my shake, and chug it once it’s over. 😀
My last wellness screening (this time last year or so), my A1C levels were a little high (everything else was BEYOND amazing and A1C levels were fine for 2 separate draws, one before and one after, for life insurance policies. So, it’s more for peace of mind!

No strenuous exercise the day before or the day of, as well. Looks like a PiYo reorder might be in the works (especially since I work the day before this and that’s a guaranteed 20k in steps).

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8 August, 2017 · 9:40 pm

Going Another Route … possibly

Josh and I are considering buying empty property, and paying it off, then using it as equity to get a building loan. Then build the house we want, instead of settling! It’ll mean several more years in the apartment, but I think it would be worth it in the long run, because we’d have the house we want, the property we want, and all that goodness.

So many possible decisions, so many things to consider. At least I’m not having to ask what is life insurance? We already know the answer to that, and have that (plus identity protection for all of us on the renter’s insurance).

What would you do in our shoes? Would you buy the land and then do a building loan? Or buy a pre-built house and hope for the best?


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I Think I’m Insured Now

I didn’t go with guaranteed acceptance life insurance. No. No, I have a 30-year term through State Farm. $100K on me, and $10K on the kids. It’ll add about $25 to our monthly bill, but it’s worth it! Now Josh will have ONE LESS thing to worry about if I die before he does. It’s one less worry I have, should I pass away before he does!

Piece of mind is worth any amount!

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Life Is Good

One plus we have with not having a house is not having to worry about mortgage life insurance. So far? That’s the only plus. Then again, Josh has amazing life insurance through the USPS. He dies, and I get 5x his average pay. That means I would get around $270K if he died. If nothing else, it would pay off a house, considering our max budget is $175K (if we’re lucky). Wish us luck on that.

I’m not going to think about losing Josh. No way, no way in hell! I’d literally fall apart if something happened to him. The wreck scared me so badly. Just reading that post from that day scares me shitless, literally!

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