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I’m proud of them! Not that I made them, but because the one with the silver stitch on the pocket (LEIs) are a size 5 and the others (Levi’s) are a size 4.

And they’re loose. :O

And I’ve hit 15k in steps today.

Plus I worked out!


6 supermans

3 kneeling push-ups

6 mountain climbers (each leg)

3 side lying tricep press each side

1 burpee

10 reps each {Narrow Squat, Narrow Squat w/ Back Kick, Basic Squat, Basic Squat w/leg lift, Sumo Squat}

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6 August, 2015 · 10:51 pm

Hey Ho Self Esteem

I’m seriously considering weight loss products because of Walmart clothing sizes. Why? Because LEI’s 9’s fit me worse than Mossimo’s 7’s. The Mossimos are large on me. I can take them off without even unbuttoning them. The LEIs? I have to suck in my gut just to get the button done, but then they fit semi-comfortably. Why did I get the LEIs verses the Mossimos then? The Mossimos have a 3″ inseam, while the LEI’s have a 5″ inseam. When you’re forming a badonkadonk courtesy of genetics, you tend to need a bit longer inseam.

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