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Here’s Tuesday

April 29

I’m loving the shades of blue, almost moody in the colors, for today’s Currently list! 😀 Created using Rhonna’s Designs app for Android.


Lazy Saturday


Just being lazy (or sick in Ethan’s case)

Stupid cold causing a stupid fever.

Put Up the Roll


I know, I should be thankful that Josh at least grabbed a roll when he finished one, but gah, he took the time to put it ON TOP OF the old roll. Why can’t he just hang it up? *grumble*

Two weeks

I have only worked out once since the new year started but I have been
working on changing my diet which has helped with bloating and the like. I
have only gained about a pound or two and when I was fluctuating ten pounds
sometimes, that is definitely an improvement.

Lazy Douche

Here’s how I spent Madi’s day off of school (half-day for last day is tomorrow!!):
Meet Tessa Jackson :P (lmao)
The first one was Tessa Jackson, :lol:. I was having non-stop errors with her, so I had to delete her. And she was so fucking cute, too!!

The second was a new Sim, whom I named Alicia Mathis. No, I didn’t keep the unibrow. No, I don’t have any pics of her.

And see, you can see how jacked up the monitor shit is, though!! Those were taken with my cellphone. I can’t get it right either 🙁