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It’s Morbid But It’s Love

We see so many shows of couples fighting.

For laughs.

Then you get Morticia and Gomez Addams, and they don’t.

Yes, they’re turned on by death and mayhem.

But they’re in love.

Truly in love.

That’s what I aspire towards!


We got The Sims 2 Seasons today. Josh is going to have to go to Walmart tomorrow though, and get a new copy of OFB, because the book disappeared, and it had the code. I freaking hate EA’s “brilliant” idea of putting the codes on the booklets. The reason we have to do it is because I wanted a fresh start, and started uninstalling, without realizing everything wasn’t there like it was supposed to be 🙁 Made me very mad and very sad to see that.

We also played some DnD tonight. I had a lot of fun. I didn’t expect to, but it was really nice. I only lost 1 point of damage, but Mark and Julie smell of dire skunk, *snort*. I shouldn’t laugh, but it’s hilarious. Julie, when she got sprayed, barely missed shooting herself in the foot, *giggles*. She actually ran off to vomit for a few rounds, 🙂