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*** GAME OF CHANCE by Erika Wilde ***


Game of Chance
by Erika Wilde
Publication Date: June 8th, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Game of Chance, a sexy STANDALONE from Erika Wilde is now live!!!

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8 June, 2017 · 8:00 am

Relaxed But Need a Break

While I’m nice and relaxed, I still wouldn’t mind checking out the cost of some Vegas vacations. I know someone who doesn’t live “too far” from Vegas (and a few who live in Vegas), and I’d kill to do a meet-up, :lol:.

I want to visit some casinos, and maybe gamble a little. Maybe hit a few stores. Even if I don’t buy anything, I want to just enjoy myself. I don’t know why. I just want to let it all hang out for a bit. Maybe I should, you know, wait until after I get into the Hip Hop Abs, and get nice and toned. I’m already getting closer to that with the EA Active 🙂

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Haiku Friday

Coming soon, waiting
Time goes slow when you’re waiting
Well, is it here yet?

I’m waiting on my laptop’s newest accessory: a 400-gig external pocket drive by Western Digital.
Is it here yet? Nope, hasn’t been shipped yet, XD. I just ordered it yesterday, :lol:.

Okay, I’m off to watch some more Las Vegas 😛


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Tuesday’s To Do List

Can you believe it’s already Tuesday? Can you believe I have about my half of my to do list completed? Oye! I can’t either. I just turned the laptop on about a half hour ago!! I’m so proud!!
Now, I’m going to relax for a bit. Digestive system, courtesy of IBS, is all kinds of fucked up 🙁
Wanna trade?

Ugh! I seriously feel like crap right now.
And excuse me while I go giggle stupidly at “puke breath”, courtesy of Las Vegas, XD

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

  • Post a post
    What does it look like I’m doing?
  • Take a picture
  • You know I gotta do some laundry
    Not gonna mark this off but I started a load 🙂
  • Attempt to clean the bathroom
    Got the kids’ done!! w00t
  • Work out with Maya
    15 minutes of legs and I had to whine at her that it was too easy!! Knee brace really helped!!


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Marry Me, Please

Yeah, not the question I’m going to hear tomorrow. Thankfully, not the one I want to hear tomorrow, :lol:. Josh is my husband, in all ways that matter, including legal, according to statutes in Kansas. I don’t give a flying fig what anyone else thinks or says. I’m married to him, he’s the love of my life, the father of my kids, the only one for me. I vow before all of the blogging world, his is mine, so back off, :lol:. So, no Vegas vacations for me anytime soon. That won’t be how we spend May 18th through the 23rd or June 8th through the 13th (Josh’s two weeks of vacation … week 1 is spent as Madi’s last week of school and preparing for a week at my parents, the 2nd week of vacation).

I’d still love to go to Vegas though. I want to see where CSI takes place. I want to see where Las Vegas takes place (*drool* Josh Duhamel). Oooh, speaking of Josh Duhamel, trailers of Revenge of the Fallen looks bad ass!! If you see the new Friday the Thirteenth, you’ll see the trailer. I’m jealous of those who have the guts to see that movie, :lol:.

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