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Currently Card: May 06, 2015


Watching: Llandros is a Simmer on YouTube. He has a challenge using ALL that Sims 3 has to offer! I love it!

Reading: American Romance book combo. I love these types of novels.

Listening: Josh was watching a Livestream

Making: Messes are so much fun to make

Feeling: Moody for some reason. I was also extremely exhausted.

Planning: I got my 10k in! Forced myself to do it though I didn’t want to!

Loving: I played with a touchscreen laptop today, and yeah, now I’m thinking of upgrading my laptop to a touchscreen. I found a 17.3″ with better specs than this one (2gb graphics card! gasp), and it’s only $100 more than I spent on this (NOT including the $250 we’ve shelled out in repairs).

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6 May, 2015 · 11:07 pm

Currently …


God, I love the West Wing. I’m so thankful for good dental insurance.
Also, To Command and Collar IS a BDSM book. I’m not ashamed of it 😛

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Currently List: December 23-29, 2014

Star Trek marathon or something on some channel.
The dog whining was my neighbor’s dog.

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My Little Reader


Madi has me cracking up sometimes. She was grounded last week (we won’t discuss why), and lost the laptop, her Kindle, ponies, and Legos. Let’s just say it was not a pleasant reason for the grounding, but she’s learned from it, I believe. Anyway, I was able to give her back her Kindle, and showed her that she had a new book on it: Dork Diaries 8: Tales from a Not-So-Happily Ever After.

So, she turned on Spotify on the laptop, had a video playing as well (Minecraft videos on YouTube) and proceeded to read her Kindle. It made me laugh a little harder than maybe it should have because it was EXACTLY something I would have done. In fact, I do it. Josh does it with his phone and the computer as well!

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Nope, Not Mine


Mom texted me, asking if I was missing my mouse. I panicked a little. The mouse I use for my laptop is a favorite. I got it after my first one got stuck shut. I’d spilled some soda (a couple drops) right on the part where it sealed), and had to replace it. I finally broke down and bought one with a design. Reminded me of fairies (it’s abstract. You see what you want to see). It’s actually called Into the Deep, which fits, since I’m also obsessed with all things ocean-related. I would be very sad if I’d lost it. I mean I could replace it if it was lost, but I don’t want to do that. I LOVE this mouse!

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25 July, 2014 · 7:08 pm