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Project 365: Week 04

022.365 [2014] - Laundry
Sometimes I have to have photographic proof that I actually do the laundry, 😆

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Keeping It Real: Drink-a-Holic

No, I’m not an alcoholic, Laughing out loud. This is just about my small obsession with tasty, or the ability to make tasty, liquids to drink Smile with tongue out


To me, it takes more than a pretty cup (and yes, this is actually my daughter’s and yes, I need to redo my nails Smile with tongue out)

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He Feels Useful

Originally uploaded by Sarah @ TM2TS

“Only pennies a glass.”

— Kool-Aid

My gorgeous boy with his daddy, making Kool Aid. He feels useful and Daddy’s arm gets a little bit of a break. Ethan even got a voice in the flavor.

My kids love to drink Kool-Aid. I don’t really care if people claim it’s not healthy. I can control how much or how little sugar is in it, and, if I so desire, can use a sugar substitute. Plus, its a drink the whole family agrees on, and is cheap to keep in the home. Win-Win, in my opinion.