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Weekly Winners: Oct. 10-16, 2010


New Cut for Ethan
As usual, Ethan isnโ€™t too thrilled about whatโ€™s going on with all this, but youโ€™re welcome to just ignore his attitude and view anyway.


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Weekly Winners – June 06 – June 13, 2009

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Okay, I uploaded 32 pictures, but yeah, not going to do them all. Feel free to check out the Flickr account for more, though!

My Oddball Daddy
If anyone ever asks where I get my goofiness from, all I have to do is show them this picture, :lol:.
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Little Bandits

Good morning. I hope your Christmas, or whatever you celebrate, was magical, beautiful, and amazing. I know my kids had the time of their lives yesterday. They were so exhausted that they fell asleep on our way home from my father-in-law’s, :lol:. Madi was out before we hit the highway, and Ethan was out before we hit the county-line, ๐Ÿ™‚

Santa was very good this year, as were the deserving kiddos ๐Ÿ™‚
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One Hour Down

Well, I’m one hour into NaNoWriMo, and I’ve written 785 words. :w00t: Great start, I would say. If I write for five hours a day, that would get me to, hmm, let’s see:

785 x 5 x 30 = 117,750 words

Holy crap on a cracker!!

Yeah, I don’t think I’ll end up with that, but, :w00t:, that’s a great start. Now, though, I think it’s time for my bedtime. It’s 1am here in Topeka, tomorrow is Saturday, and I’ve got 2 sick kiddos ๐Ÿ™

Oh, and I’ll be nice ๐Ÿ˜›

Current Title: Panther Dreams

Brief Synopsis, straight from my NaNo page:

Two were-panthers finally find their way in a world that’s unusual, yet common.


This was the day that Adrienne Karahalios always dreaded. Bill-paying day, checkbook balancing day, invoice-checking day. Who’s brilliant idea was it to make that day always fall on the first day of the month? Seriously? There had to be a better way of spending the first day of every month when you own a business, other than this. Well, at least she only really had to do it once a month. It might be boring as hell, but at least it was usually a good excuse for locking out the world. It gave her less time to think about Osias Kallas and what the heck he was doing back in New Orleans after swearing never to return.

Adri shook her head, her black hair curling slightly in the humidity as she did so. Even with the air conditioner on full-blast, the room was stuffy. She leaned back in her leather office chair, comfy thing that it was, and took a deep breath. It was great to be back in New Orleans, back with her friends, and the ones who became part of her family, but Osias returning was throwing a wrench in her life, her plans, everything. She closed her icy-blue eyes and tried to block out the thoughts of Osias. She needed to get this paperwork done so she could get back to the fun part of running her boutique: the customers and the thrill of a sale.

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Nervous Nelly

Okay, as many know, I’m planning on doing NaNo again this year. This year, I will complete it. I will “win”. I don’t care if I don’t get published. What I’m writing can’t be published in the monetary sense, anyway, because it’s fan-fiction. I just want to get it out, and see if I’m good enough to try and write professionally.

So, I’m scared to death. Scared to death that I’m going to fail. Scared to death that I’m not going to fail. Scared to death that others won’t like what I write. Scared to death that they will. See the contradictions? Gah! Driving me insane!!

I’ll also be doing this year’s meet-ups for Topeka. :w00t: That’s a big step for me. Several are on Sundays, so that means I’ll be able to escape for a bit while Josh deals with the kiddos. Works, right?
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