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This Week in Happy: January 17-23, 2015 + Week 03 PL layout

Come on, Get Happy

I’m so ready for more HAPPY because things are getting a little wonky this week. Josh had a consultation for his broken molar, and got referred to the oral surgeon. All four wisdom teeth will be removed on February 11.

Madison is dealing with a sinus infection. Poor mite. I’ve had enough to know how to treat it, though there isn’t much you can do. Antibiotics won’t do too much, and tend to make it linger, from personal experience.

So, here’s my Happy for this week!

Ethan’s Pinewood Derby car was used to test the track. He got to run quite a few trials. 😀

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Project: Life {Week 29}

A good week, minus all of the laundry. My parents came to visit, and that made the week so much more fun.

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More Layouts

For the brush challenge.

Kit: Pocket Full of Pandas by Pretty in Green

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