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Days 4, 5, & 6

Day 04 –> Something you have to forgive someone for.
I have to forgive the DNA donor for being who she is, for how she was during my childhood, and from stealing from me as an adult.
Oh, and for threatening, several times, to have my children taken away.
Yeah, that’s family love right there.

Day 05 –> Something you hope to do in your life.
I hope to become a published author, someone who actually has followers and things πŸ˜€

Day 06 –> Something you hope you never have to do.
Bury my children. That sounds morbid, but no parent should have to bury their child.
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22 January, 2013 · 3:47 pm

New Playlist

Okay, I added a few new songs to my work-out playlist so I can get some variety (in alphabetical order).
If you have any suggestions for more songs based on what I have here, suggest away!

  • Breakaway – Kelly Clarkson
  • Bye Bye Bye – NSYNC
  • Fingerprints – Katy Perry
  • Hot ‘n Cold – Katy Perry
  • I Kissed a Girl – Katy Perry
  • Larger Than Life – Backstreet Boys
  • Love Like This – Natasha Bedingfield
  • Love Song – Sara Bareilles
  • Never Again – Kelly Clarkson
  • Right Round – Flo Rida Ftring Katy Perry
  • The Right Stuff – NKOTB
  • Shadow of the Day – Linkin Park
  • Since U Been Gone – Kelly Clarkson
  • So What – Pink
  • Step By Step – NKOTB
  • Stop & Stare – OneRepublic
  • U + UR Hand – Pink

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Work-Out Playlist

It’s not for me to keep the beat with, but to keep me focused on breathing [I sing along, and guess what, I breathe!].
Since I updated my commitment to a half-hour every day [hoping next week to bump it up to 45 minutes, until I’m doing an hour a day, and maybe more than once a day :P]

Oh, and I ate breakfast today. A bagel with scrambled egs, cut up ham [lunch meat style] and shredded cheddar cheese, plus a slice of American, so I had a flat surface for my eggs. I also had a cup of coffee with it.

What’s on your playlist?

  1. Hot ‘N Cold – Katy Perry
    Perfect for Warm-Ups.
  2. Never Again – Kelly Clarkson
    Burn off some pissed off energy!
  3. Love Like This – Natasha Bedingfield, featuring Sean Kingston
    I don’t know. I just love the fucking song!
  4. So What – P!NK
    Another song that burns off pissed off energy, and it tends to show up during “Hustle Up and Back” or “V-Step” so I end up dancing while doing them, LOL
  5. Stop & Stare – One!Republic
    Just a good song. πŸ™‚
  6. Love Song – Sara Bareilles
    Good beat. Even while typing this with it playing, I’m dancing in my seat.
  7. I Kissed a Girl – Katy Perry
    Genius [iTunes] put this with Hot ‘N Cold, and Madi sings along with it so I kept it, LOL
  8. Shadow Of the Day – Linkin Park
    I absolutely adore this song. Great for the cool-down exercises. πŸ™‚

So, come on, share! What’s on your playlists for working out?!


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Thursday Thirteen – Things On the Kitchen Table – 10th Edition

Thursday Thirteen - Things On the Kitchen Table
Thirteen Things on the Table — With Pictures

  • Some weird toy the kids got in a Happy Meal, or something. It’s a microphone/echo thing. I seriously do not like it!
  • One of my many pair of headphones. Josh got these when he got me my DS. They’re the Nintendo ones that hook behind the ear. I can’t really do the earbud ones. They hurt my ears πŸ™
  • My favorite coffee mug. πŸ™‚ It’s got snowmen on it. I got it when I worked at Things Remembered in Florida. Central Florida folks: if you go to the mall on Colonial, please tell Bunny, Lisa, and Guliana I said hi!!
  • Ethan’s placemat. He loves it, and can even tell you the letters that are on it, and he’s only THREE!! *dances*
  • Ethan’s empty cup. It was full of milk at breakfast, XD.
  • My cute and awesome and adorable pink mouse πŸ™‚
  • My spastic little phone. It’s got an awesome ringtone though: “Never Again” by Kelly Clarkson (actual music, not polytones)
  • My lens cleaner for my glasses πŸ™‚
  • My heat pad that Josh got me yesterday (I took a nasty tumble, will be told on Sunday, XD)
  • 3 different types of Jelly Beans (Starburst, Jolly Rancher, and SweetTart), plus leftover SweetTart Hearts πŸ˜‰
  • The game that was proclaimed to not work on my laptop, even though it does πŸ˜›
  • YUM!! Soda. Expensive as hell, compared to my waters or my teas, but YUM!!
  • Did you not think it would be on the table, too?

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My Grown-Up Christmas List

My Grown-Up Christmas List
my fav. version is by Kelly Clarkson

Do you remember me
I sat upon your knee
I wrote to you
With childhood fantasies

Well, I’m all grown up now
And still need help somehow
I’m not a child
But my heart still can dream

So here’s my lifelong wish
My grown up christmas list
Not for myself
But for a world in need
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