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30 Days of Lists

So I’m behind on scrapping them, but I figured I could list them now, so I can scrap them when I can!

D14 List 4 - Friends and Family I get to see this month

  1. Julie! ?? (and her family)
  2. Josh’s family
  3. Hopefully Mom & Dad through webcams!

D14 List 5 - Changes I made in 2014

  1. I went purple for a bit :O
  2. I got involved with social activities
  3. I broke out of my shell
  4. I learned to enjoy the little things in life


A Week in My Life: Friday

Adventuroo WIML friday

I made a comment today to my husband that this week for A Week in the Life was perfect timing. Usually, there’s absolutely nothing going on. The kids would be at school, and I’d be home alone. Instead, the kids had a short week of school, and we’ve got the Husband Guy home. I’m LOVING this week. I thought it would drive me nuts, and there are times when it has, but honestly, I adore that he’s home. I miss him when he’s at work all the time.


Fridays means that I have to wake up really freaking early, so that we can get the Gingerscraps newsletter sent at a decent time. My awesome possum partner-in-crime was amazing enough to make sure she texted me because I was NOT going to want to wake up. I Red heart that I’m able to do that stuff Open-mouthed smile

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She’s So Precious


At some point, I’ll be taking pictures of this little girl more often Open-mouthed smile

Who is this? This is my “niece”, Abby. Her momma is, as we put it “The sister God screwed us out of” Laughing out loud What that means basically is that we have similar issues with our siblings, and our lives would have been simpler if we’d just been born sisters.

But, I’m ecstatic to be able to call her a friend. I was one of the first who found out about Abby. Like moments AFTER the test Smile with tongue out

And the sibling that was lost before Abby came along.

I was in the wedding. Well, my whole family was, but still Open-mouthed smile

I feel so blessed to be even a bystander on the upbringing of this little girl. She’s so precious, and adorable, and man, when she gets happy, the world knows. And when she’s tired, she cuddles so sweetly.

01/52 [2012] – Oh Hai Long Weekend

Font: Pea Gretchie
Background Paper: Colors of Your Life by the GS designers
Week 1 border: Creations by Julie
Date tags: Colors of Your Life by the GS designers
Living tag: The Good Life by Inspired Designs
Spoon: Good Morning by the GS designers
Cheesy WA: Photogenic by Sugar Kissed Designs
Swirl and Hearts: Life Happens by Laura Marie Scraps
Play w/Me WA: Creations by Julie
Whatever WA: Kathy Winters
Busy WA: Project 2012: January – Mega Stash by Connie Prince

Weekly Winners: July 24-29, 2011

All shots taken with a Canon Rebel XS, Sony Cybershot DSCW120, Kodak EasyShare C195, or the HTC Surround Windows Phone More can be found on my Flickr account

NOTE: Some storytelling will be done, and the word “PENIS” will be mentioned a few times. I can’t help it, the word is both funny *AND* part of the funniest part of the week!

Shopping With a Friend … My husband is never far from my mind.

I had so much fun shopping with my friend Julie (guest starring in my public bathroom shot). She and I went to Barnes and Noble (coffee, bishes!! Grande White Chocolate Mocha for me, and she had a strawberry banana smoothie, I think it was. No caffeine for the preggo Winking smile). Oh, and apparently, that started the “every male must flirt with Sarah” time! Surprised smile 

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