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30 Days of Lists: Day 24

D14 List 24 - Ways to express joy

  1. Smiles
  2. Laughs
  3. Hugs
  4. Affection
  5. Cuddles

A Year in Pictures


More can be found on my Flickr account. There are lots more, trust me! I’m a bit of a crack addict with pictures!

Totals (as of December 28 @ 8pm)

  • January (532)
  • February (325)
  • March (328)
  • April (343)
  • May (567)
  • June (440)
  • July (480)
  • August (335)
  • September (944)
  • October (466)
  • November (248)
  • December (425)

Oh Goodness!! Surprised smile I can’t say what the full total is because a lot of them are re-edits and Instagram pictures! Open-mouthed smile

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Time to “Be Bodacious”

So, it’s time for a new edition of “Being Bodacious“.

So here’s my question of the moment, Bodacious Ones: What activity that you do/did/want to do gives you unbridled, gleeful joy? What’s your “thing?”

My husband will vouch for a couple of these, because I have several:
1. Walking outside with the kids, and being able to wear thong sandals, and be at one with my camera. I’ll do it with my cell, my Cybershot, or the Rebel. I’m bouncing off the walls, giddy with glee at being outside when its warm enough to wear sandals 😉
2. Putting on the headphones for the MP3 player, hearing a song that I adore, and just bouncing around, feeling like a kid again. I don’t even blush when my husband catches me. I can’t! I love bouncing around too much.
3. Shopping for books. I’m SERIOUS!! You get me into a bookstore, you better have a time limit on getting me out, or I’ll be there for days, and I don’t mean sitting in a corner, reading. I mean I’ll be wandering around, mumbling to myself, making mental notes on which ones to get. Yes, I’m a total and COMPLETE nerd!!

Honestly, it depends on the day and my mood on what will make me giddy with joy. Some days, it could be just blaring some Linkin Park while I tune out my whining son. Some days, it’ll be being in the arms of my husband because he’s barely been home because of work. Most of the time, though, it’s usually the three that I listed 🙂


I spent yesterday curled in a ball, due to a major stomach bug. The night before was spent sleeping on the floor in Madi’s room, due to her having the same bug. Yes, the same one as Josh and Ethan. Joy of joys. Today I’m a bit better, but extremely woozy and exhausted (some apple bites, one grape, and one cracker, plus 3 bottles of water is all I had since 9 pm Tuesday).