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I’m a happy fan

Colts Fanatics
As most of the US, and maybe the world, knows, Superbowl XLI will be the Colts and the Bears. Ooh boy! Two teams, only 70 miles from each other. Side-by-side states. Two teams used to playing in SNOW during this time of year, gonna be playing in Miami, :lol:. That, I think, will be the biggest thing worth watching.
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Does it make us bad

When we get Madi’s DVD player and TV off of layaway, we’re actually going to open the DVD player and put it in our room, until about the 23rd or so. The reason: the DVD player in the bedroom isn’t working more than it is working. Josh and I don’t really watch movies in our room, so it’s not like it’s for us. The kids are the ones who wore out the player anyway. We’re going to wrap it up for her, though, to open on Christmas. We’re hoping, since she’s three, she’ll just know she’s opening a present, and not realize she got gyped a bit, :lol:. I guess we’ll see, won’t we. 🙁

I’m working on ideas for a new theme. This one’ll be available for SnM, and all that good stuff, so input is more than welcome. My memberships are listed, in two places. The one I just linked, and of course the one on my sidebar :P. It’s going to not be as over-the-top as this theme is, but it’ll come in a variety of styles (meaning available for different templates). HELP!! Thanks, in advance! I’m also going to be working on at least 4 tags today and tomorrow. 🙂 I want the first 2 weeks done before the 1st arrives, which is Friday 🙂

I about passed out this morning. Why? A very good reason: Josh’s paycheck. He’s getting $718 this paycheck o.O Pay raise from 8.80 to 9.40, 1.36 hours over-time, and Thanksgiving holiday pay 🙂 First check of January’s gonna be pretty damn sweet too: 2 days of Holiday pay, plus guaranteed overtime from Christmas Eve, and the days following up to it. *dances* We’re gonna be sitting okay, and that makes me very happy!! I just sent off my two checks from survey fillage ($21), with two more on the way ($38).

The kids are actually playing well together right now. They’re rotating between giggling and Ethan whining, but the giggling is lasting longer, by far, so that makes me happy. The painting, though, that was supposed to happen didn’t. As soon as the office got everyone’s cars moved, *BOOM* comes the rain, :lol:, so the pavement is trying. Good news is that I can see the car from the living room window. 🙂

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Damn it!

I totally forgot to post, :lol:. I’m here. I’m alive, and nothing bad has happened. Josh has just kept me pretty dang busy these past few days.

Tonight we tried on the kiddos costumes. They fit so WELL!! And goodness, they look so ADORABLE!! Tuesday, we’ll be taking pictures. We’re doing around the complex trick-or-treating, and then we’re gonna go to Walmart so that Julie can see them in all their glory (she’s working the closing).

Tomorrow, Jules and I are going to color each others’ hair (mine needs a major touch-up, because the color didn’t hold very well). Tomorrow is also stop at Walmart and pick up items we need: black eye-liner for Madi’s costume, and um, other things that I’ve now successfully forgotten, *snort*.
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Yes, I had to completely and restart over. Completely and totally pisses me off, but I can’t really help it. Fucking bug corrupted all my files 🙁

Now I gotta work on yet another theme, because I lost the previous one I had (files corrupted), and re-add all my codes and things. Wish me luck on that, because I’m gonna need it. I think I’m going to use the “Sig-ables” from Shimmery Daze for it. 🙂

Potty training of the monkey is going semi-well. She has fits and spurts of peeing on it. Only 3 pull-ups a day, not including the wake-up change 🙂 I think that’s pretty damn good for her 🙂

Ethan’s being his normal butt-holish self, :lol:. He’s getting into everything, screaming all the time (I’m half deaf now courtesy of him), and eating like a cow, *snort*. Little guy makes me full watching him eat.