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Get a Job

I love hearing people say “Get a job” to those people who don’t have one. Have they not looked at the current market. There aren’t many jobs. The jobs that are out there won’t provide anything like food or clothing for families with kids. Plus, so many jobs require background checks, and a lot of people won’t pass them, because they’re now adding credit scores into some of them. I don’t have a bad background, but I have the WORST credit. Someone took my identity and used it to get a mortgage. I can’t even LOOK at my numbers because I don’t have that information (for the mortgage). I don’t know where to go for it.

So, I’m screwed. Makes trying to pay off anything damn near impossible because I don’t know what I actually owe.

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Never Make It

A Small Annoyance I would never make it in some customer service jobs because I can’t really stand people.

The face Josh is making? That’s totally the same face I make half the time, just reading comments on the internet. Having to deal with people’s stupidity in real life? I’d go, to use a bad term what with a mailman, postal on someone.

I just so am not that big of a people person. I need a job that requires me being in a little room, all by myself. Give me some access to the internet, even if I have to use data on my phone, and I’m good to go. Or, just let me have my Kindle when things get slow. You won’t hear me complain!

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Shopping … Again

*beep* *beep* *beep*
The barcode scanner just beeps.
Continuously, it drones on
*beep* *beep* *beep*
The thought of going back to retail
Scares me to the tips of my toes.

Okay, that feels better.
No, I’m not going back to work. Josh and I have already tentatively decided on a game plan, should the USPS go 5-day. He’ll be doing a night job (mostly overnights), and I’ll be going back to school, so that I can get my education on, and get a nice job that way. *w00t*

We’re hoping that doesn’t come to fruition, for the simple fact that that would require me to go into something I probably will hate in three years, but will have to continue anyway. If I get to go back, and study what I like, I’ll be a much happier camper.

Though, now, I have to figure out what I want to do!

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Career Ideas

Since we’re putting off going to Washburn, I have a chance to look into some of the courses that they offer. Once thing I want to check out is administrative careers. Bigger pay means more money for things we don’t need but want. It would also make it easier to get a house. We wouldn’t be using my income, no matter what (because I have crappy credit), but with extra income, we know that we can make payments on a house, plus any improvements that need to be done, plus crap to fill said house. I want a house to fill.

Who am I kidding? I want the ability to spend some money without feeling guilty about it later on. Anyone else have that dream?


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Bye Bye for One CT job

I lost a CT job. Got no real warning for it either.
Not saying anything about it, just really sucks.


It happened yesterday, so I’m in a much better place than I was. Now to work on stuff for my other CT jobs 😉

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