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Five Day Weekend


Madison woke up with a wicked sore throat. She has a slight temp too (100.1 is the highest we’ve seen, though she feels warmer).
Poor thing just can’t catch a break.

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Did Ya Hear?

Oh, there’s some big news in the world, at least mine!

I’m the Ad Team lead at Gingerscraps Surprised smile

That means I’m in charge of the ad team. I’m in charge of making sure blogging happens! I’m in charge of all that fun stuff Open-mouthed smile

I also get to do some MAJOR blogging on the Gingerscraps blog Open-mouthed smile You can find my posts EASILY Open-mouthed smile

Find a post with this on it, and you’ve found my posts:

Reminds me I need to work on a siggy for the blog here Open-mouthed smile!! I Red heartthe one for GS! Open-mouthed smile

I did make this one at some point:


I don’t like it though! I like the little quote “Find Your Own Story” but otherwise, yeah, not so much!

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Scappity Do Dah

So, yesterday, I got a new phone. An HTC Inspire. Yes, the same one my husband has, 😆 It’s crack! I love it! I’m killing the battery left and right, simply because I can’t seem to put it down, 😆

But I’m getting lots of pictures out of it. The last two pictures of my P365 layout includes pictures (in this post 😀 ). Keep an eye out for more tomorrow, in the Weekly Winners post!


Template: Keep It Even by Connie Prince
Kit: I Scrap March by Jen Yurko Designs

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Week 08/52 [2012] – Snails, Beds, Phones, Oh My


Template: Jen Yurko Designs
Papers: Colors of My Life by Gingerscraps designers

  • P2012 by Connie Prince
  • Mommy’s Helper by Pretty in Green
  • This Is Why I Scrap by Sugar Pie Scraps
  • I’m a Good Helper by Pretty in Green
  • Elegant Word Arts by Bethany (Caution: Artist at Work WA)
  • Kathy Winters (OMG word art)
  • Made With Love by Kathy Winters

Friday? Already?

Where did the week go? I swear, it was Friday, just yesterday! :O Insanity, right?

Sucker Cover: Love Treats by Creations by Julie
Doorknob and Pencil Holder: Doorknob Treat Holder and Pencil Topper by Creations by Julie
Kit: I Scrap – February by Jen Yurko

Just so ya know, the Treat Holder/Pencil topper template? It’s a freebie 😀 Julie rocks, right?

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