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Rock Chalk Jayhawk

The battle cry of KU is being heard everywhere, even at 1am.
I’m still hearing fireworks.
I’m still hearing screams of “hell yes”.
Damn fine year for KU. Orange Bowl with Football, and NCAA Champions for Basketball. Damn fine seasons!!

Honestly, the Jayhawks deserved it. They played as a team, unlike Memphis, who came off as too worried about their individual stats.

And, yes, I watched the game. I also played me some Sims 2. Gen. 2 is on it’s way (couple “hours” preggo, XD). *happy dance*
Kinda pissed though. I totally forgot that I had a tombstone *sad face* of the founder cat. *pissed off*

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Go North Carolina *cough*

Besides, of course, playing The Sims, what are some nice ways to cure the boredom of being stuck watching the KU/NC game? I honestly hate basketball, but I’d rather not kick my husband to the bedroom, and I’d rather not get stuck there either, ROFL.

So, how the hell can I cure this boredom? I’ve got my headphones on, so I’m doing some music listening. I should be working on the sigs I’m seriously behind on, but I’m completely lost my mojo with that. I have no desire to open PSP and work on them 🙁

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