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Down With the Sickness

This is where I spent today. At 8a, I called in. Slight fever. Headache for 2, going on 3 days.

I watched a lot of YouTube and Hulu. I sat and relaxed. Actually, I laid and relaxed.

I feel so bad about calling in, considering I’m off for the next 6 days because of an IUD appointment and a dentist appointment.

But I had to take care of me, or I wouldn’t have been of use to anymore.

My ears are all fuckered up because of this air pressure change. My wisdom teeth are screwing with the nerves in my ears. I’m talking to my dentist on Tuesday about getting that process started.



Today, my jaw won the battle.

Lots of pain.

Wisdom teeth definitely have to be removed.

Another Headache

I've had a migraine/headache for 6 days straig...

Actually, it’s the first one in a long time, so that’s nice. It’s not dehydration. It’s not my anemia. It’s not my teeth (because my mouth is only sore from chewing because OH MY GOD, all the foods now please). Nope, it’s from a front coming.

And I can deal with it. I’m good with it. I’ll take this pain, knowing where it’s coming from, than anything else I usually have to deal with.

Thursday 3

Thursday 3: March 19, 2015

Thursday 3

  1. flower photo: flower 471.gif Woke up at 5am because of jaw pain. It was expected because of switching to the mouth guard at night.
  2. flower photo: flower 471.gif I now understand why dental mouth guards through the dentist might be so expensive. I’m seeing wear on mine by Dentek after only a week ?
  3. flower photo: flower 471.gif Tomorrow, I will be on the hunt for a specific lid for Ethan’s science fair project. He’s going to be making a hoverboard out of balloons and CDs.

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Clenched Jaw

Kenny G

Cover of Kenny G

When I was in 5th Grade, I tried out the saxophone. Since the weight was too much for me, my parents didn’t have to look into how to save on Morgan mouthpieces at WWBW but it would have been nice to have played an instrument. I don’t think I would have been the next Kenny G. but it would have been fun, I think, to learn how to play something. Anything.

Well, since it’s not going to happen anytime soon, but, as I keep saying, that I could have played an instrument. Oh well. I guess that’s not in the cards.